Juan Matta

Juan’s love for dancing began in the summer of 1984 in Queens, NY when a Manhattan bboy was teaching his next door neighbors how to break dance.  The bboy’s attention focused on the agile and eager Juan, who was quickly mimicking and executing the moves.  That day was the birth of Juan’s indefatigable love for dance.   Juan has been doing hip hop dance and bboying since that unforgettable summer day.  In 1992, Juan began training to become a ballroom dance instructor and started teaching that year.  Juan has travelled throughout the East Coast, training, teaching, performing and competing.  As President of Swoon Unit Crew (North Carolina’s longest running break dance group), he has served as an ambassador, promoting breakdancing throughout the state.  Juan has served as organizer, performer and adjudicator in over 200 break dance events.  Although Juan is a seasoned instructor, he is continually training and refining his craft.  He is known as the “last instructor out,”  continuously working on choreography, amalgamations and the dance syllabus and being the last instructor to leave the studio.  Juan balances his passion for breakdancing and ballroom dancing and sees them at times as highly contrasting dance styles but at the same time sees the commonality in movement and uses them both to stay inspired.  Juan has recently been turning heads for his dynamic and versatile choreography.  In October of 2011, Juan received the Top Teacher Award in the Raleigh Dance Challenge.  Most recently in September of 2012, Juan received the Top Instructor Award at the Myrtle Beach Dance Sport Challenge.  Juan teaches beginner to competitive students.  Juan’s goal as an instructor is not to just teach students steps or patterns, but rather to help them feel the music, connect with their partner and allow their creativity and artistic expression to shine through.